Level 3 Award in Facilities Management

This program addresses the definition of facilities management, its role within organisations, and how it can be set up in ways that will help the organisation to function more effectively. Candidates will also understand the different methods to ensure that customers and other stakeholders contribute to the maintenance, and evaluation of facilities supplies and services.

Entry Requirements

By diagnostic test to establish English Language Skills

Qualification Structure

(Trainees must take the full qualification of 110 hours (4 weeks))

Introduction to Facilities Management

  • Understand the nature of facilities management
  • Understand responsibilities commonly delegated to facilities management
  • Understand different service delivery models for facilities management
  • Understand the range of facilities management roles
  • Understand the benefits of good communication

 Customer and stakeholder relations in Facilities Management

  • Understand the needs of customers and other stakeholders affected by a facilities supply or service
  • Understand how the information required can be supplied by using different channels of communication
  • Understand how customer satisfaction can be monitored by using different channels of communication
  • Be able to recommend actions to resolve issues affecting customer satisfaction

The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) is the professional body for workplace and facilities practitioners.

We exist to promote excellence among a worldwide community of over 17,000 and to demonstrate the value and contribution of workplace and facilities management more widely.

The IWFM was established in 2018. It builds on the proud heritage of 25 years of the British Institute of Facilities Management.

Al Khobar
110 Hours (4 Weeks)